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Taking inspiration from a recent dinner at Pomegranate Thai (1/191 Darling Street, Balmain), here is my own take on fresh scallops with vermicelli, fresh chilli and lime..I got my fresh scallops from Joe’s Catch of the Day in Balmain and some great cooking tips too.. Thanks Deecy (sorry if I have spelled your name incorrectly)! Unlike Pomegranate’s steamed scallops, I cooked mine in the fry pan with some olive oil, finely chopped chilli, lime juice and chopped coriander…delicious! Don’t forget to wash the shells before you plate up your scallops, and it’s best to dust the raw scallops with a little flour before you cook them so they hold their shape.

If you’re heading to Pomegranate Thai then be sure to try the Balmain Stir Fry with Beef and the Lamb Massaman won’t be disappointed 🙂

Trini xo