Well, it’s the end of another weekend, and quite a big one it was too! I ran in the city 2 surf this morning for the first time, and am officially’s a lot of fun running alongside 85,000 + other people and the scenery is great too. You get a real buzz from the atmosphere and all the entertainment along the way..pretty sure I caught a glimpse of a man-bride, a panda, spiderman and many, many tutus today, and that doesn’t even cover it as far as the costumes go! It’s great to see so many people from all walks of life getting out and supporting various charities or local businesses, or just getting active as individuals or in groups large and small..I was reminded of the classic Aussie lifestyle campaign ‘Life. Be In It’!

Definitely keen to run again next year and try to improve my personal best from today…after a very long and much needed rest that is!

Here’s the result of my pre-city 2 surf feast last night, I think it served me well for the race today. It’s called My Citrus Rainbow Stir-Fry, thanks to Katherine Alma Jane’s creative recipe naming, and I also have another dear friend to thank for the kind donation of citrus goods yesterday over a relaxing and delicious lunch at The Cottage in Balmain. Thanks Holly! I’m listening to Amy Winehouse as I write, and lamenting, again..

Unfortunately I can’t post the recipe as promised because of copyright issues, but I found it in Valli Little’s Delicious cookbook, which I highly’s called Crisp Stir-fried Beef With Orange in the book.


As you can see I’m not exaggerating when I tell you how tiny my kitchen is!




Sorry I can’t post the recipe! Will hopefully be able to post again mid week with a proper recipe idea for you to try. I’ll also be posting a review of my Saturday lunch at The Cottage in Balmain in a separate post shortly. For now, though, time to rustle up something in the kitchen and kick back for a big Sunday night in..

Until next time!

Trini xo