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I couldn’t go past the fantastic colour combination of this gluten free spinach and beetroot pasta when I last visited The Source in Balmain. It’s made from quinoa and rice and after eating it I had all the satisfaction of a carb-laden pasta dish but none of the (literally) bloated feelings of regret and self-admonition that usually accompany a heavy plate of pasta*.

Not having much in the way of food supplies in the Balmain Kitchen tonight I went for something simple but still great tasting. All I’ve done here is mix up some cherry tomatoes, spanish onion, basil, kalamata olives, olive oil, white wine vinegar, my cooked pasta, and some salt and pepper. Delicious, and righteous.

*Let’s just say things are complicated between pasta and me..I love him, he causes me pain.. I leave him, I miss him, I keep coming back to him, I’ll never learn 😉