I’m not going to lie..tonight’s dinner came courtesy of a half jar of Volcom red curry paste. What can I say? Life is busy and short! Without a doubt, there is nothing quite like a fresh curry made from scratch, and that’s the kind of cooking I love to get into on the weekends. On weeknights though, after a busy day at work, I’m looking for things that are quick to make, satisfying and nutritious. I often use a jar or tin of curry paste and I find that most times just following the instructions on the jar will give you a delicious meal in a really short amount of time. Sometimes I like to mix it up though and will throw in a particular vegetable that’s been on my mind or some fish sauce and kaffir lime leaves. Tonight, I kept things simple and decided to just use onion, chicken, red curry paste, some tomato passata and natural yoghurt. I love the flavour of meat simmered in yoghurt and I couldn’t resist adding a little extra over the top as it helps to cut the sharp flavour of the curry. Coconut milk will work just as well – I just go with whatever takes my fancy (and whatever I have in the kitchen)!

The best part about cooking a meal like this? Leftovers! Added to that, next to no washing up after tomorrow night’s dinner..yet another kitchen shortcut ๐Ÿ˜‰ Do you have any of your own? I would love to know them!